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Rabbit vibrator + heat function

Designed for simultaneous stimulation of the CUV area (G-spot) and the clitoris

This toy does two for you: double stimulation, double enjoyment! With a modern and ergonomic design , designed to best reach the erogenous zones to be stimulated. And it does so very well thanks to the internal vibrations that massage the CUV area (G-spot) with 10 vibration levels , the stimulating textures offer further pleasure with every movement while the clitoris is also stimulated externally. Smooth and soft to the touch to offer a sensation as close to reality as possible, activate the heating function to reach the Eden of Climax!

Dimensions: 18.9 Ø 3.4 cm
10 vibration modes + heating function




Ricarica rapida

VENUS Sale price€79,00 Regular price€129,00