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Designed for stimulation of the CUV area (G-spot)

It is now known that the G point is the female erogenous zone par excellence , many women need this type of stimulation to achieve one or more orgasms, alone in autoeroticism or in the intimacy of a couple. The right communication between partners facilitates this purpose, but when you are alone and want to get straight to the point, the right vibrator comes in handy.

Iris, thanks to its ergonomic and slim shape , is designed to focus attention exactly where you need it most to reach the Climax. The stimulating textures , combined with the 10 selectable vibration frequencies , add pleasure to every movement. Like a baton, easy to wield to conduct an orgasmic orchestra.

Dimensions: 18.5 Ø 3 cm
10 vibration speeds + stimulating textures




Ricarica rapida

IRIS Sale price€54,00 Regular price€75,00