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Designed for internal stimulation of the CUV area (G-spot) + heat function

Not the classic vibrator. If you are tired of the usual sex toys and are looking for something original, you are in the right place. Ares features a curved and rounded line at the tip to best reach and stimulate the CUV area (G-spot) with 10 selectable vibration modes .

To expand the pleasure to the rest of the erogenous zone it is possible to add further vibrations that arise from the center of the toy. Two internal zones receive two separate stimulations. And that's not all: just activate the heating function to immediately feel a shiver that pervades the body, a sensation similar to reality that leads you to intense and super orgasmic pleasure.

Dimensions: 19.2 Ø 3.3 cm

10 vibration speeds + 7 central vibration modes + heating function




Ricarica rapida

ARES Sale price€79,00 Regular price€129,00